Madison: A Senior Session with a Vintage Flair!

There are some shoots you get excited about from the very first contact. This was one of those…

Madison contacted me about senior photos, immediately mentioning her wish to have photos taken with a vintage VW Van. Oh yes. I absolutely become giddy when shoots take on personality and tell a story. Madison has been obsessed with VW vans since she was small. Her dream is to own one someday. I knew we HAD to get this van. Well, easier said than done. The few leads I had fell through, often due to needed repairs on the vans. These vehicles have become ornery and temperamental with age. FINALLY, Madison’s parents discovered a new garage opening in Burlington, specializing in VW vans. They were willing to bring out a van for our use. They even brought two…one for backup.  Yay! However, they were late to the shoot, due again to one of the vans needing some TLC. So we decided to just start shooting until they got there.

We started our shoot on beautiful family property in Elon. We had glorious fields, hay bales and the most enchanting brook meandering through the woods. I love brooks…streams….creeks….water in general. There is something so peaceful about the sound of water. When I was a little girl, I loved nothing better than walking through the woods, finding creeks and hidden “fairy worlds”. Now, I still love to do this, but I’m more aware of what could be hidden beneath the rocks and leaves…namely, snakes. Shiver.  I put aside my fear because if there’s anything I’ve learned, it is this: fear only holds you back. Madison gamely waded through the water and she looked so beautiful. The light falling through the trees was perfect!

Then, we heard the vans coming up the lane… We were all so excited.  I swear those vans have souls and personalities. I felt like I was meeting and photographing one of Herbie’s cousins. Ha,ha! It was so awesome to have Madison’s shoot turn out just the way she’d hoped and dreamed.

We ended our shoot in downtown Burlington, starting at the Old Depot and then moving our way to an alley. As she did her thing, we realized she had an audience from a bar across the street. So funny! I told her to just act like the super model she was. She rocked it!

Madison, you are lovely young woman. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and your family. Thank you for inviting me into your life and for giving me the opportunity to capture who you are, right here and right now. I wish you all the best and pray God’s blessings on you as you begin a new chapter in your life.



All images ©Blink of an Eye Photography/Marie Janssen. Do not use without permission.
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  • Heather Beatty Coggins - Amazing photography! Beautiful daughter in and out. Love you Madison!ReplyCancel

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