All About the Light

Sometimes the light falls just right and all you have to do is walk out the front door to create magic! I love the fact that the seemingly mundane location can become absolutely breathtaking, if you know how to work with it. All of the photos in this blog were taken on the walkway leading to my front door. Nothing that special about it. I like it but it won’t ever appear on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens.  The setting sun was shining down from behind the house with just the right kiss of sunlight. The sky in front of us acted as a huge soft box. Light is the key. I’m always looking for how it falls in any given spot. Even while driving down the road, I’ll be drawn to something purely because of the light. Even before I chose to pursue photography seriously, light captivated me. I would become giddy with how it would filter through the trees…or splash across the water like a multitude of diamonds. Light can make or break a photo and I love the challenge of finding it and then working with it to create the scene I envision in my head.

I challenge you to walk outside with your own camera. Take your time. Find the light.



Wind blown model in Burlington, NC Sunset photography in front yard. Kiss of light on model Gorgeous black and white photos taken in Burlington, NC Lovely pose in black and white by model in NC. Moody photograph of model with light kissing her hair. Magical portraits taken in Burlington, NC at sunset. Moody black and white portrait at sunset. Model in stunning black and white photo from Burlington, NC.

All images ©Blink of an Eye Photography/Marie Janssen. Do not use without permission.

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