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September 29, 2014

As the rain falls softly on this dreary Monday morning, I believe I have something to announce that just may brighten your day.

First, let me begin with my back story. Why do I love photography? Well, it’s probably pretty much the same as every other photographer, professional and amateur, out there. I love capturing moments, preserving memories, evoking emotion.

I have a cabinet full of photo albums, scrap books, and loose photos of my own family. Some of the albums are dog-eared from being pulled out and looked at so often throughout the years. Whenever we stumble across an old box of photos in the attic or from the cabinet, activity stops. We sit down, pass around the photos, laugh. Remember.

I’m sorry, but that scenario just doesn’t play out as well in front of a computer screen. “Oh, let’s all crowd around the computer. Pull up a chair..or stand where you can see.” Not cozy.

The photos are there. But, you can’t touch them. They just blink at you from the screen. Like everything else that blinks at you from the same screen. Cold. Lifeless.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love many things about the digital age. But, if we are honest, we’ve lost a bit of our soul to it.

When I visit someone’s home, I am immediately drawn to their photographs. Perhaps that is the photographer in me. But, I think that we all have that innate curiosity…the desire to know someone and be known. So, when I look at someone’s photographs, I feel I’m glimpsing a part of who they are, their history, their soul. They proudly begin to tell me who the people in the photographs are, where the photos were taken and, often, stories will arise. Stories connected to the photographs.


I don’t enter someone’s home and say, “Hey, can you boot up your computer so I can see some of your family photos?” Um, no. Slightly awkward.

This is why I’m passionate about not only photographing you/your family, but taking those photos and bringing them to life on your walls or in beautiful keepsake albums.  Creating heirlooms…conversation starters…keepsakes.

And did you know I have the ability to show you exactly what your photos will look like on your walls before you even order?

Stephanie is one of my recent clients and she sent me photos of the wall spaces she wanted decorated.

I was able to show her during her ordering session those very same wall spaces with her beautiful photos on them. We were able to see what sizes would look best for each space and she walked out, confident in her decisions.

She was also the very first client to see…

(Drum roll…)

…my new framing collections!!

Yes, I’m proud to now offer gorgeous frames to help beautifully display your amazing images! The frames are created by Design Aglow, one of my favorite vendors. In their own words:

“Our line of low-profile, high-impact frames is designed to complement any decor–classic, modern, beachy, or rustic. Their clean style ensures that the frames don’t compete with the image, but enhance and elevate it. Made in California with sustainable American materials, real glass (not plexi!), and acid-free mats, the frames’ quality construction ensures that your photography will remain an heirloom once hung in your clients’ homes.”

Stephanie chose the Woodworks Collection in Barn Grey and her portraits looked absolutely stunning in the frames.

Stephanie gets it.

She didn’t want a session. She wanted timeless memories. Soul.



Check out this beautifully 40×30 canvas Stephanie chose for her fireplace! Again, this is a photo of her fireplace with a virtual example of the canvas hanging there. We were able to see what size looked perfect for that space.



Here is a another virtual example of one of the frame collections Stephanie ordered….



I cannot even begin to tell you how gorgeous, and solid, these frames are! Beautifully made and the photographs just come to life!


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