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Beauty Revived Senior: Grayson

November 4, 2016

This blanket scarf pops in senior session photo in alley of Burlington, NC.

I’m so excited to introduce you to my Class of 2017 Beauty Revived Senior!

First, what is Beauty Revived? Beauty Revived is is a site built by a community of photographers with a desire to use their lens for good. We desire to celebrate true beauty…beauty of spirit and character; beauty found in the stories behind every lovely smile and face. Each year, I choose at least one senior to bless with a photography session.

This year, my choice was easy. I met Grayson and her family four years ago. At the time, Grayson was battling leukemia. She was nearing the end of treatment and they were all hoping and believing for the best. I remember having so much fun with her and her family. We connected. Over the years, we’ve stayed in touch. I even photographed Caitlin’s (Grayson’s older sister) senior session. I rejoiced with them when Grayson went into remission! And I’ve prayed for them as they continue to deal with the aftermath of cancer. As a quote says, “Cancer for children is a lifelong diagnosis. First they have to survive the cancer treatment, then a lifetime of late effects.”

When I met Grayson, her hair was just starting to grow back. Now, she has a gorgeous, thick mane of hair that would be the envy of anyone. The little girl I met has been replaced with a quiet, poised young woman. She is a survivor. She will graduate. She is living life!

For me, this session was a true celebration. Grayson and her family have been thorough numerous trials, but in the midst of the storms they’ve been through and are still in, they LIVE. They love one another deeply and are a strong, fun, and close knit family. Time spent with them always produces laughter…and beautiful memories.

Grayson, I’m so excited for you and your future. I know God has amazing things in store for you…beyond what you can think or imagine.

*Hair and Makeup Artist: Lindsey Wilkerson of Face Forward

Senior girl holds up senior banner in Burlington, NC.Awesome DIY senior banner for senior session in NC.Senior girl poses with book in Burlington, NCBeauty Revived Senior in downtown Burlington, NC.Beautiful Beauty Revived Black and White senior girl photo.Senior Girl against brick wall.Beautiful senior girl in Beauty Revived Session, Burlington, NC.Boots with 2017 written on the bottom.Beauty Revived Cancer Survivor in Burlington, Nc.Black and White reflection photo of cancer survivor.Senior Posing Idea: scrabble tiles spelling out senior.Gorgeous blanket scarf highlighted in senior session.Lovely Beauty Revived senior rocks the blanket scarf and red lips.This blanket scarf pops in senior session photo in alley of Burlington, NC.Senior Prop Idea: a string of photos from childhood.Fun senior pose in downtown.Gorgeous black and white photos of Beauty Revived Senior in downtown Burlington, NC.Blanket Scarf and red lips are the perfect accents in this senior session photo.Blowing confetti during Beauty Revived Senior Session in NC.This photo has it all: red lips, awesome blanket scarf and glitter confetti!


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