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March 15, 2017 Because Digital is not Tangible Gorgeous Wall Art of photo taken in southern France. Digital is not Tangible I have a beautiful entryway cabinet by my front door. It is not just decorative. In fact, when opened, one is confronted with multiple photo albums and loose photos. These alb... VIEW POST
February 12, 2017 The Timelessness and Beauty of Film Photography Stunning film portrait with Fiji 400H Pro. Film? More than a year ago, I decided to purchase a film camera again. Film? What is that? Indeed, there are many now who have never seen a roll of film nor even know what it is. Makes me feel anci... VIEW POST
May 26, 2015 Back to where I started… Gorgeous film session in Red Slide Park, Haw River, NC. I remember. I remember when my Granddaddy gifted me with my very first film camera. My Granddaddy Bilisoly always observed. He knew his grandchildren's talents, passions and potential. He encouraged u... VIEW POST