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March 15, 2018 Disengaging to Engage Marie Janssen straightens her daughter's wedding veil. I hear the click of the camera. It's not me. I'm not pressing the shutter. I've heard the clicks all morning and it feels so strange. This is the most important day of my daughter's life and I'm n... VIEW POST
December 31, 2017 2017 Beauty Revived Senior Session Beauty Revived Senior Winner at Glenoe River Mill Historic District This last week of 2017 did not go as planned. I became sick with a horrible cold/mild flu. Thankfully, I'm starting to feel better. So, as I sit here, warm and cozy on my couch while the temperatures ... VIEW POST
December 13, 2017 Time for Reflection Love this senior's bright smile with a sunset reflection in the pond. The end of a year always always brings with it reflection on the year(s) past. At least, it should. It seems lately the month of December drowns me in activity and it's all I can do to just survive, m... VIEW POST