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December 13, 2017 Time for Reflection Love this senior's bright smile with a sunset reflection in the pond. The end of a year always always brings with it reflection on the year(s) past. At least, it should. It seems lately the month of December drowns me in activity and it's all I can do to just survive, m... VIEW POST
November 22, 2017 The Lady Urban senior posing in Glencoe Mill Village, NC. When photographing seniors, one of the points I am sure to communicate is my heart to capture the lady emerging from the girl. Our society puts so much emphasis on perfection, looking "hot" and "sexy"... VIEW POST
November 2, 2017 Four Years Later Senior girl strikes model pose. On a hot and humid fall day, four years ago, I photographed a young lady from Raleigh named Nicola. Despite the unseasonable warmth, she dazzled in her photographs. I loved working with her and he... VIEW POST