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December 31, 2017 2017 Beauty Revived Senior Session Beauty Revived Senior Winner at Glenoe River Mill Historic District This last week of 2017 did not go as planned. I became sick with a horrible cold/mild flu. Thankfully, I'm starting to feel better. So, as I sit here, warm and cozy on my couch while the temperatures ... VIEW POST
December 13, 2017 Time for Reflection Love this senior's bright smile with a sunset reflection in the pond. The end of a year always always brings with it reflection on the year(s) past. At least, it should. It seems lately the month of December drowns me in activity and it's all I can do to just survive, m... VIEW POST
November 22, 2017 The Lady Urban senior posing in Glencoe Mill Village, NC. When photographing seniors, one of the points I am sure to communicate is my heart to capture the lady emerging from the girl. Our society puts so much emphasis on perfection, looking "hot" and "sexy"... VIEW POST