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September 22, 2017 Celebrating True Beauty Girl senior pose at Cedar Rock Park. They are young women about to leave behind their comfort zones for a new adventure. For some of them, the comfort zone was left behind long ago, whether by their own choice or by the cards they we... VIEW POST
June 19, 2017 A Delft Wedding The morning dawned, exactly 11 months after I awoke to photograph my oldest niece's wedding in Delft, The Netherlands. Now, it was her sister Rachelle's turn. Unbelievably, the forecast was once again... VIEW POST
March 15, 2017 Because Digital is not Tangible Gorgeous Wall Art of photo taken in southern France. Digital is not Tangible I have a beautiful entryway cabinet by my front door. It is not just decorative. In fact, when opened, one is confronted with multiple photo albums and loose photos. These alb... VIEW POST