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Photo: Sara Ann Photography

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my site! So, who am I in a nutshell? Um, geez. I don’t really fit in a nutshell, but here goes. My name is Marie. I’ve been married to the love of my life for more than 20 years (!)…and I have three amazing kids (if you can call two high school graduates “kids”) who keep me on my toes. I lived in Holland for almost 12 years (since my husband is a Dutchman) and speak Dutch fluently. I miss the cobblestone streets, biking anywhere and everywhere, shopping at the weekly market, the sense of community and history, good cheese and cheap flowers. I don’t miss the wind and rain.

I love traveling and exploring new cultures. Of all the countries we’ve been to, Romania captured our hearts the most. In fact, we almost moved there, but unexpected twists and turns in the road brought us to the States. Our youngest was born profoundly deaf. At almost two years of
age, she received a cochlear implant. When researching her education options, we discovered the best place for her to be was located in Durham, NC…close to my hometown. We made the tough decision to uproot our family and start over in Burlington. We came with nothing but suitcases, half a shipping container and our savings. We mixed that with a lot of faith and can testify that God is faithful. Our daughter has been surrounded by an amazing team of people from the moment we arrived and we know we made the right decision, though it was so hard at times.

I believe you have to be crazy every now and then to keep from going insane. I love to laugh…a lot. My sense of humor is well developed. My all time favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables and I truly feel sorry for anyone who has never seen it. I enjoy cooking, singing, leading worship in my church, reading, writing and….(drum roll) creating beautiful images with my camera. That is why you are here!!

But, why should you hire me? I mean, who doesn’t like to create beautiful images with their camera?

Let me just say this: I bring my passion for relationships and for my craft to every session. I’m that person…the one who feels deeply and literally wishes they could breathe in moments, if that were possible. Whether with my family, or alone in nature, I will myself to pause and to treasure. Sometimes, in those moments, my heart is the only camera I have. My heart contains “photographs” of so many beautiful people and places. When I can translate my heart photographs to actual photographs, I feel I’ve succeeded.

So, who do you treasure? What do you want to remember years down the road? What story do you want to tell future generations? I want to be your heart photographer. I want to tell your story.

Unique. Beautiful. Timeless.

Moments that happen in the blink of an eye.

I love sharing pieces of my life with others. Having a connection with your photographer is so important as the best images are born out of trust.  So, I invite you to get to know me through some of my personal blog posts…

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