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Marie Janssen, owner of Blink of an Eye Photography in Burlington, NC.

Well, Hello!

My name is Marie Janssen. I'm a wife, mom of three, singer, songwriter and photographer residing in Burlington, NC. My husband is Dutch so I lived in The Netherlands for almost twelve years! I speak Dutch fluently and miss the cobblestone streets, riding my bike everywhere, cheap flowers and huge open markets. My passion for capturing life through the written word and songs also translates to the camera. I breathe in moments. Sometimes, those moments are etched on film...other moments are etched on my heart. I want to give life to your moments as well, moments that come and go in the blink of an eye. I have a passion to show you yourself in a way you've never seen before; to have you walk away from this experience knowing more deeply your value, your beauty and your destiny. I want to reveal the real you, the broken pieces and the golden triumphs showcased in your eyes, your laugh and your soul. We all have a story to tell. I would love to help you tell yours.

Personal Posts

I invite you to see the joyful and broken pieces of my own life. Keep scrolling to read some of my personal blogs...

April 20, 2022


Life has many seasons. Learning to ebb and flow with the seasons we find ourselves in can sometimes be a challenge. Some seasons are wonderful, full of promise, dazzling us with their beauty. Ot... VIEW POST
August 9, 2021

Where Did You Go?!?

"Where did you go?" If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed....or maybe you haven't noticed because I honestly have not posted much in the last year... but... I'm gone. ... VIEW POST
March 30, 2020

I’m a Rebel

I'm a rebel. In a culture that despises growing old and kicks traditional titles to the curb because they don't sound young or hip enough, I choose to... VIEW POST
March 15, 2018

Disengaging to Engage

Marie Janssen straightens her daughter's wedding veil. I hear the click of the camera. It's not me. I'm not pressing the shutter. I've heard the clicks all morning and it feels so strange. This is the most important day of my daughter's life and I'm n... VIEW POST
June 19, 2017

A Delft Wedding

The morning dawned, exactly 11 months after I awoke to photograph my oldest niece's wedding in Delft, The Netherlands. Now, it was her sister Rachelle's turn. Unbelievably, the forecast was once again... VIEW POST
September 29, 2016

Rotterdam: The Beginning of Us

View of Rotterdam from Central Station. Our story began in The Netherlands. It officially began in the city of Rotterdam. I was 18. In September of 1992, I boarded a jet plane to visit missionaries in Delft, The Netherlands. I had fe... VIEW POST