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Camera, Lights, Class!

February 1, 2016

It’s beautiful outside today! Sunshine and Spring temperatures in February. Crazy to think that a week ago, school was out due to icy roads from our not so epic snow/ice storm. I was so hoping for inches of powdery, white fluff. Instead we received just a couple of inches of snow mixed with a couple of inches of ice. Joy.

Trapped inside, we had the fireplace going, accompanied by old episodes of Downton Abbey. I caught up on the laundry, made cinnamon rolls and other homemade snow day treats, and enjoyed some down time with my family. But, then cabin fever set in. Just a mild form, but it was there nonetheless. We needed to do something!

I’d been wanting to snag Victoria for a while to experiment with my off camera flash and do something a bit outside of my normal outdoor, natural light thing. Well, snowed in, she had nowhere to hide. (Insert conniving laugh). Actually, I didn’t have to beg this time. She offered to glam up and pose for me. For fun! So, while she did her hair and make up, I set up my makeshift studio in our kitchen. Black backdrop, one off camera flash bounced into an umbrella. Simple.

Sometimes simple is all you need.

I love the classic, old Hollywood vibe these photos evoke. I just love class. Period. In a world gone mad with the glorification of raunchy and classless dress and behavior, it is my vision to recapture the true beauty of girls and women. To create beautiful photographs that will grace the homes of their future children and grandchildren because of their timelessness. My own grandparents grace my walls for two reasons. One, I loved them so dearly. Two, their photographs are works of beauty and tell an amazing love story. What a privilege to be able to create the same gift for future generations.

I love photography because of the stories the photos themselves tell. I would spend countless hours as a child surrounded by my grandparents’ and parents’ old photos. Albums, boxes, envelopes…. I wanted to see and experience who they were. I wanted to hear the stories behind the photos. I wanted to know my legacy.

Someday, Victoria’s children will see these photos. They will ask her about them. And she will tell them about being iced in, about modeling for her mother, the photographer. This story will lead to other stories. Family History. Our family.

That’s my “why”.

So, camera, lights, CLASS!




Gorg. The last is my fav!

These are incredible!

Gorgeous work. I love the textured grainy look that these images have.

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