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Celebrating True Beauty

September 22, 2017

Girl senior pose at Cedar Rock Park.


They are young women about to leave behind their comfort zones for a new adventure. For some of them, the comfort zone was left behind long ago, whether by their own choice or by the cards they were dealt. They have overcome obstacles, served their communities and have set an example of true beauty for others to follow. They are Beauty Revived.

Searching for True Beauty

Every year, I look for someone who exemplifies true beauty to everyone around them. Beauty in suffering. Beauty in service. Beauty in generosity of spirit. Beauty in perseverance. Beauty in kindness.

In world that bombards us with its warped definitions of beauty, I love reminding young women that beauty begins from within. I love showing them how truly beautiful they are, building their confidence in being exactly who God made them to be.

Every single young woman who stands in front of my lens has a story. They have fears, dreams, hurts, insecurities and goals. I enjoy getting to know each one, if only briefly. I want to be a positive light in this crazy world…a light that shines on those dark words that whisper, “You are not enough.” A light that obliterates that dark place with the truth God speaks:

“You are loved.”

Tell Me Their Story

I need your help! Do you know a senior who fits any of the above? Has she been through hard trials but overcome? Does she give her time in service to others? Is she an example to those around her, living a life that reflects inward beauty?

If you know someone like this, please tell me about them! I’d love to bless them with a free senior session, including high resolution digital images with printing rights (valued at $2,000)!

Their story and photos will also be featured in my blog as an inspiration to others.

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