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Because Digital is not Tangible

March 15, 2017

Gorgeous Wall Art of photo taken in southern France.

Digital is not Tangible

I have a beautiful entryway cabinet by my front door. It is not just decorative. In fact, when opened, one is confronted with multiple photo albums and loose photos. These albums document my pre-married life, mission trips, engagement, marriage, and babies. I should have more albums. But, the digital age came before my third child was born. It was so exciting. No more purchasing film! No more waiting! I had instant photos and I didn’t have to take them anywhere to be developed. My youngest had more photos than my other two for this very reason. However, though she had more, the quality was horrible. The first digital cameras left a lot to be desired. She has a baby album but family albums dwindled to nothing. Everything was on my computer.

When we moved from The Netherlands to the States, I safeguarded all our photos and put them on discs. However, when we bought a new computer here and I went to access my photos, a lot of the discs were corrupted. I lost so much. I thought I was doing such a great job playing it safe but still lost so many memories. Guess what? My albums are still here. My framed photographs are still here. Needless to say, I’m printing again. More and more. Prints last. When we look at old photos, I much prefer grabbing an album or a box of photos and gathering around in the living room to standing around a cold, flickering computer screen.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way, right? Well, I’ve learned. Digital is not tangible. Yes, we can pass around a screen image but it doesn’t have the life of a print or an album. It’s just another screen image we are assaulted with on a daily basis.

This is why I emphasize the printed product. Digitals are not my baby. Wall Art, prints, albums…those are my babies. I am moved by the timeless, the heirlooms, the romance of the printed photograph. I’ve held old photos in my hands, photographs of grandparents and great-grandparents. I’ve heard the stories those photographs tell. When someone invests in a session with me, I want them to leave with something in their hands. I want to know my product will last way beyond their lifetimes, telling a story to those that come after. I want the photographs to live, not die on a jump drive in a junk drawer or get lost in the cloud.

So, what does that look like? Here’s some ways your photographs can live.

The Art Wall

I love the Art Wall! Every Art Wall is custom designed depending on the photograph. The layers bring added dimension and life to the image.
This 40×30 Art Wall features a photo I took this past summer in a small village in southern France. Oh, take me back!!

Gorgeous Wall Art of photo taken in southern France.


The Beautiful Album

I love this album, crafted by hand with archival materials. This classic heirloom features thick, layflat pages printed on photographic paper.
It is guaranteed for life and is my favorite way to preserve photographs from your session.

Front cover of the Beautiful Album showcasing Fine Art Film Sessions.Spread from the Beautiful Album of model in film session.Lovely thick fine art photo paper showcased in the Beautiful Album.View of the Beautiful Album and its thick pages.Stunning spread of fine art film session model in the Beautiful Album.


3-D Collage

How fun is this? This is a great, modern way to display multiple photos from your session!
This collage was created with Fine Art Mounts. Canvas is also an option.

3-D Wall Collage is a great way to showcase you portrait images.


Fine Art Print Wrap

Maybe you love the look of Canvas Gallery Wraps but you’re not a fan of the canvas texture. If so, this Fine Art Print Wrap is for you.
It is absolutely beautiful!

Fine Art Print Wrap is a beautiful way to display your favorite photographs.Side view of the Fine Art Print Wrap.Close up of the fine art print wrap showcases beautiful texture and detail.Back view of the Fine Art Print Wrap.

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