Senior Session: Madison

Meet lovely Madison, a Class of 2015 senior at Southern Alamance High School!  Madison is a fun girl who wanted her photos to reflect joy and happiness. I believe we accomplished that.

We held her session at Glencoe Mill Village and I believe we hit it at just the right moment. The colors were stunning!! And the golden, fall light couldn’t have been more perfect.

I photographed most of the session but Victoria photographed Madison in the river and did a stunning job. Of course, the inevitable happened. We heard a cry from Madison and then, next thing we knew, she was in the river! We laughed and photographed away and she LOVES those spontaneous shots. The best photographs often come from the unexpected, the unplanned, the raw and real moments of life. That memory will live on and, one day, I can see Madison telling her children about the time Mom fell in the river during  her senior session. They will laugh and she will remember.

That is the passion that drives me. Creating moments to share not only with those in the present but also those in the future…the generations yet to come.

glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0001 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0002 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0003 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0004 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0005 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0006 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0007


Aaaaah! Look at that color!!!

glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0008 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0009 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0010 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0011 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0012 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0013 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0014 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0015 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0016 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0017


Victoria captured some beautiful moments with Madison in the river…

glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0018 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0019 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0020 glencoe-mill-senior-photographer_0021


The most memorable moment of the session!


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