Senior Session: Brandon

Senior photography has been so emotional for me this year. I’m photographing my own kids and their friends. I’ve known some of these kids since before middle school. Brandon is one of those “kids”. Yeah, not a kid anymore, but a young man. He’s played soccer with my son for years and now, here we are. Senior portraits.  We blinked and they grew up.

Brandon chose to have his portraits taken at the always beautiful Glencoe Mill Village.  I know it had to have been slightly awkward to have his friend’s mom photographing and posing him, but he was awesome! As the session progressed, he became more and more comfortable. At one point, I gave him a sneak peek from the back of my camera. He realized, at that moment, the difference between the official school portraits and what I was able to capture. No comparison.

My clients are not just a number in a long line. They are individuals with unique personalities, hopes, dreams and talents. I want to draw that out of them so they see themselves reflected in each photograph. This is such an amazing time for all my seniors. They are between the end and the beginning. This moment in time will quickly come and go. No matter how much we may want to slow it down, this chapter will end. But, we can remember.

So, here’s to memories and making them last forever…

glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0001 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0002 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0003 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0004 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0005 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0006 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0007 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0008 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0009 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0019 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0010 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0011 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0012


Gaaah! The light was amazing and Brandon looks like he’s modeled for years…

glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0013 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0014 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0015 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0016 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0017 glencoe-mill-village-senior-portraits_0018

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