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My Greensboro Family

November 15, 2016

Greensboro Family Portrait in Lindley Park.

We recently spent a wonderful afternoon with my Greensboro family: my youngest brother, his beautiful wife and three handsome boys!

After a delicious lunch and impassioned conversation about world events, we headed to a nearby park to photograph their growing family. Those poor boys were absolute champs, putting up with Aunt Marie chasing them down and posing them when it called for it.

My favorite shots are always the candid ones. I love to mix those in with the group photographs…those moments that are not scripted or planned, per se. Even with the more posed groupings, I do my best to evoke real laughs and emotion, though I may have to act and sound like a lunatic to do it.

It’s so important to make time for family photos. It is worth the effort. We don’t know what the future holds and waiting for the “perfect time” could prove to be a huge mistake. Whether you choose professional photography or just some simple snapshots, exist in photos for your kids!! One day, they will look back and treasure all those beautiful moments, especially the ones with YOU in it. They don’t care what you look like (or think you look like). All they see is Mom and Dad.

All they see is love.

A beautiful family portrait taken in Lindley Park in Greensboro, NC.Mother and son candid portrait in Greensboro, NC.Handsom young man poses for portrait.Candid toddler portrait by Greensboro photographer.Laughing toddler in NC park.Handsome boy flashes a big smile for Greesnboro portrait photographer.Mom and Dad pose in NC park.A fun family moment taken in Greensboro, NC.Both Mom and Dad pose with the boys in Lindley Park.Cute face by a sweet toddler in NC.Boys all want a pose in the tree located in Greensboro, NC.Walking together in Greensboro's Lindley Park.He's a big boy now!A mom and her firstborn!Laughing with mom in Greensboro, NC.Mom and Son portrait in Lindley Park.Mom and Baby enjoy a lovely fall day in Greensboro.Beautiful black and white portrait of Mom and Baby in Greensboro, NC.

Greensboro Family Portrait in Lindley Park.

Resting on Dad's knee.Family on bridge in Greensboror's Lindley Park.

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