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Senior Session: Hannah

October 23, 2014

Hannah’s session was especially crazy to me. Crazy because I first photographed her when she was a freshman at BCA. We talked about how cool it was to photograph her at the beginning of high school. We made plans then to photograph her senior photos. In between, I also shot a sweet sixteen session with her. And, now, it feels as if we all blinked and it’s four years later.

Hannah is always a joy to photograph and her passion for each session is so evident. She does her research and she plans well. For her senior photographs, she chose the majority of them to be shot in the downtown Greensboro, NC area. She wanted to begin her session in the always gorgeous Fisher Park. I could just photograph the amazing homes lining the streets and be completely content. We did highjack some people’s front steps and wrought iron gates.

She also really wanted some photos on railroad tracks. However, in case you didn’t know, it is illegal to be on railway tracks and you can be fined/arrested. Thanks to my brother, David (location scout extraordinaire), we discovered a dead line that is part of a public park. So, she got her wish and we were able to take these photos safely and legally.

I loved her use of props…balloons, painted canvases, softballs, etc. She knows how to tell her story through her photographs.

She is an avid softball and soccer player but also loves her heels and nice clothes. She is passionate about serving Jesus and the downtrodden, volunteering both in her local church and at a mission in Tennessee. I am proud to have her as a senior rep. She exemplifies the qualities I myself hold dear.

Hannah, I pray God’s richest blessings on you as you finish your senior year and embark on the adventures God has in store for you! It’s been an honor.

Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0002 Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0001Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0003

Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0031

Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0004Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0005Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0006Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0007Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0008Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0010Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0011Burlington-NC-Senior-Portraits-Hannah_0012Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0001Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0002Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0003Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0004Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0005Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0006Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0007Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0008Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0009Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0010Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0011Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0012


You couldn’t ask for a better prop than this! This gorgeous chaise lounge is made of stone and is part of the park!! I felt like I was in my own outdoor studio.

Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0013Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0014Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0015Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0016Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0017Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0018Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0019Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0020Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0021Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0022Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0023Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0024Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0027Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0025Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0026Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0028Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0029Greensboro-NC-Senior Photographer_0030

Jackie Brielmaier Harley

What an adorable girl…loved her sliding into the plate…how fun

Love love LOVE the black and white photos…and most definitely the pink heels. Beautiful job!

such amzing locations! LOVE the sliding picture….so unique and awesome!

Haley Schell Christiansen

Awesome…love the sliding home photos. You did a great job bringing out her personality!

Gorgeous! What a fantastic job! Love the use of the props too!

Wow, wow, WOW is all I can say. These are perfect and beautiful and lovely!!! I can’t get over how awesome they all are. LOVE her sliding into the bag. Perfect action shot. Great job!!

Wow, wow, wow!! Enjoyed this! Beautiful Hannah! Loved all the props too. Great job Marie, outstanding job!!!

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