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In other words…

June 8, 2015

Sometimes someone else says it better than me. My heart to serve my clients and to give them the best of the best is real. But, for you, it may just seem like more words. Yet another sales pitch amongst the thousands thrown at you every day from everywhere. Our ears become dull after a while and it all starts to sound the same. How do you know what’s real and authentic? How do you differentiate between quality and a gimmick? The best way is to hear from someone else.

I worked with the Pratt family last year and loved every minute of it. Stephanie’s heartfelt review brought tears to my eyes because I do give it my all and to have someone see that…well, that makes all the difference doesn’t it? We all have things we do…hobbies, professions, work, whatever. We do the best we can and sometimes it’s noticed. Sometimes it’s not. But we keep going. However, not one of us can deny how super encouraging it is to hear we did a great job. It fuels us to do even better. At least, that’s the effect it has on me. That little pat on the back…that acknowledgement we made a difference is so needed.

So, in other words…

“Marie came highly recommended by a friend, so I was very much looking forward to our session. She is top notch; a real professional with a great sense of humor who made our entire family, even the two younger ones, feel right at ease during our session. Our location was gorgeous and pratt review_0001 exactly what I had envisioned and it fit our eclectic family perfectly. Working with her was the best experience, from the first email until the day we picked up our order. She asked all the right questions, covered details I had not considered, and really paid attention to and further developed our own ideas. She was very prompt in responding to all of my questions and it was such a pleasure communicating with her. 

Her website is fantastic! It’s beautiful,comprehensive, and simple to use. It has online tools that allowed me to navigate through real locations, framing choices, clothing ideas, and includes great tips to make the session successful. It was fabulous to be able to browse through the website at my own pace and on my own time. She offers gorgeous framing and we could not be happier with the options that were available, as well as the final product. We were able to view our framed photographs on our walls prior to purchase through one of the great website tools she uses. We simply emailed a picture of our walls and she did the rest. This really helped us make the final decision with confidence.
Once our proofs were ready, we met to look through them and make some pre-selections together. I was more than thrilled with them, (tears were shed), and I loved her creativity. The personal nature of that experience was a real highlight. 
 She has various photography collections to fit any need, and all are available to her clients. When I picked up our finished, framed photographs, I was blown away with the detail in presentation. Everything was stunningly wrapped. 
 I am very much looking forward to having a Christmas session with Marie and seeing how she captures the various stages of my young ones over the years. She is a real gift!”  ~ Stepanie Pratt
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