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Jacey – Burlington NC Senior Photography

July 30, 2019

Elegant, vintage style senior portrait in Burlington, NC.

Jacey’s smile lit up the room the moment I met her for her Senior Photography consultation. As we connected over coffee, I became more and more excited for her session!

Jacey knew she wanted beautiful, elegant photos with a vintage flair. If you know me at all, you also know this is definitely my style of photography. We were a perfect fit.

Know Your Photographer

This is important: Get to know your photographer before your session! Check out their work and look for consistency of style. Talk to them about what you hope to achieve with your session. Make sure the photographer you hire understands your vision and is able to deliver. Not every photographer will be a good fit. That is the way it should be. My personal style is classy, romantic and elegant. If that doesn’t appeal to you, find someone who photographs and edits the way you like.

Know What Your Photographer Offers

Jacey also knew she wanted her photos to be preserved and displayed. She was so excited at the prospect of creating albums and wall art from her sessions!

When I know a client wants an album, it shapes the way I shoot the session. I add more storytelling elements. If I know a client wants wall art, I make sure to capture breathtaking, classic portraits that will never go out of style.

Before booking your senior photographer, make sure you know what they offer post session. Will you only be getting a flash drive with digitals? Or do they go the extra mile and offer a full service experience, with professional guidance?

My passion, as I’ve stated over and over, is to see your photographs live and breathe. What does this mean? It means I want them to come alive on prints, art work, and in albums! Memories are made around boxes of old photographs and turning the pages of precious family albums. No one gets the warm “fuzzies” while gathered around a flickering computer screen. It is cold, remote and distracting. My clients love seeing their portraits printed! It becomes real, tangible and valuable.

Because I believe in the timeless beauty of portraiture, I offer only the best of the best in my line of canvases, albums and prints.

Session Prep

Jacey came to her session completely prepared. She took my advice and had her hair and makeup professionally done by Adrienne Coggins of The Loft Styling Studio. I can’t emphasize enough what a difference this makes. It elevates your senior portrait experience and takes the stress of doing your own hair and makeup off of you.

Jacey’s outfits were thoughtfully chosen, as were her props! She knew exactly what she wanted her photos to convey and I believe she succeeded!

I know you will be a ray of light to those around you, Jacey. You already are! May God bless you as you pursue your teaching degree. I know you will be well loved by all your future students.

Senior poses at Glencoe Mill Village in Burlington, NC.
Stunning black and white senior portraits by Burlington, NC photographer.
Pose of senior lying on blanket with her hair fanned out.
Burlington, NC senior portrait of Jacey with her Bible.
Editorial Burlington, NC senior photography of Jacey in denim jacket.
Gorgeous black and white portrait featuring Burlington, NC senior, Jacey.
Beautiful riverside senior portraits in Burlington, NC.
Jacey is the definition of elegance in this golden hour senior portrait.
Golden hour beauty in this elegant senior portrait.
Vintage style senior portrait in the Haw River in Burlington, NC.
Elegant, vintage style senior portrait in Burlington, NC.
Golden hour by the Haw River with senior portraits.
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