Moments should be noticed…

Moments should be noticed…celebrated.  They come and go…like soft breezes that briefly touch your skin and are gone.


Like the moment my daughter and her boyfriend shared one year of being a couple. Some may shrug…or think, “How cute.” But, I noticed. I’ve watched them the last year. In a world that has lost all sense of shame…in a world that has degraded women and relationships to something cheap and tawdry…in a world that no longer understands or values the word “commitment”….these two are like beacons of hope in a very dark place.

As parents, we pray for the preservation of our sons’ and daughters’ souls. We pray for their protection…and that they will find someone who shares their values…and someone who will handle their hearts with care. So, when my daughter met a wonderful, godly, respectful young man, I noticed. I was grateful. I still am. Yes, they are young, but that is what makes it all the more special. They show such amazing maturity in their decisions…and in how they handle the obstacles that come their way. No, they are not perfect. Never will be. But, they are choosing to walk the harder path…the narrow one…the most rewarding one. I don’t know what their future holds, but I know my daughter’s heart is treasured by this young man.

One year.

A moment. A mother’s grateful heart. A camera.



I love this…Mitchell and Victoria decided to “get their model on”….

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