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A Candid Pratt Session

August 20, 2014

This is one awesome family. Really. Chock full of talent and artistic flair.

Their oldest daughter, Marley Dove, is an amazing singer…you know, one of those people who will make it big and I’ll proudly be able to say I photographed “back when”. She’s also a kind and humble soul and ridiculously photogenic.

Dad plays guitar as well and the family often gather round him for a sing-along.

Their youngest daughter is already an emerging artist. In fact, Mom brought along her daughter’s easel and paints, so she could paint her favorite stuffed animal during the session. (Can we say,”Kudos to most creative mom ever?”)

Never in my life. That child suddenly entered the zone…completely focused on her work of art, cocking her head this way and that. I melted.

And then there’s their sweet boy and his love affair with dinosaurs and homemade chocolate pie, both of which made an appearance during our session. (Again, “Yay, Mom!”)

Mom’s creative flair was obviously seen in prepping for this moment. She truly wanted her family to be honestly captured. She was more concerned with candid moments than with poses…more concerned that she remember WHO they were than what they were wearing.  Their love for one another was so palpable and I believe their beautiful images reflect this.




Love this shot Victoria captured!!





Mom had to get a shot in of Marley with her baby blanket! So sweet. (And I understand…)prattfamily_0025


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