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Portrait of a Lady

August 28, 2011

Once we planned our family vacation to the beach, Victoria and I decided we should do a photo shoot while we were there.  A couple of weeks before we left, Victoria was shopping with my mom and stumbled upon a beautiful vintage dress. She took me to see it the next day and my first response was, “It’s so Anne of Green Gables!” (If you know me, you know the significance of this statement. I grew up on “Anne spelled with an ‘e'”.) The detailing on the dress was splendid and it had puffed sleeves! We knew this was the perfect dress for the photo shoot. I could already see the photographs in my mind.
We set out before sunrise to the point at Holden Beach, NC. It was an absolutely perfect morning for a shoot. The sunrise was spectacular,..and we had so much fun together.
Tip: Plan a photo shoot around a theme! We went for the soft, vintage feel…the days of ladies, lawn parties and hats!
All images ©Blink of an Eye Photography/Marie Janssen. Do not use without permission.

I really love how these turned out.

These are amazing. I don’t even have the words!

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