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Prom 2014: A Royal Ball

May 7, 2014

Wow, this school year has really, truly flown by.

And it sounds so cliche. I say it every year. I mean it every year too.

I guess that’s what drove me to name my business Blink of an Eye. Everything happens so fast. Life keeps moving, never stopping. We try to find a pause button…and sometimes it feels like we have…but those moments are fleeting. The pause never really existed. We just took time to breathe, feel grounded and appreciate where we were. Then we blinked and found time had kept marching, whether we liked it or not.

Prom came upon us suddenly. What seemed so far away was peeking around the corner. Both Victoria and Judah were actively involved with prom planning and set up. The theme this year was A Royal Ball. Victoria knew she wanted to look the part. She loves the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s (think Downton Abbey) and wanted a gown that reflected that time period. She knew this would be her last prom, having made the decision to graduate early and go to The Netherlands for three months to visit friends and family. After much searching and dress drama, we FINALLY found THE dress. She put it on and my mom and I both sighed with delight. Victoria’s eyes sparkled. She stepped out of the dressing room to look in the larger mirror and all the other moms and daughters in the dressing area gasped. Yeah, we knew we had a winner. (Hint: the dress was NOT in the prom section of the department store).

Victoria had her hair done in Raleigh by the amazing Erin Doak, who has styled Victoria’s hair for modeling sessions with Douglas Carroll Salon in Raleigh. We’ve grown to know and love Erin! She’s amazing.  After hair, we headed to our dear friend, and make up artist, Sheri Cox’s house.  She is so gifted and always brings out Victoria’s best features. Victoria’s cousin, Katherine, was there as well, as Sheri is altering Katherine’s prom dress. (Yes, she can sew too!!)

It was so much fun having both Victoria and Judah attending prom. I had the double joy of a beautiful daughter and a handsome son to photograph!  Their dates were amazing as well. Two gorgeous couples. Victoria was escorted by Zach Medley, a good friend from Knoxville, TN. He is so much fun, doesn’t know a stranger and can DANCE. No, I mean, really dance. (Oh, he sings like a dream as well). We heard later that he and Victoria lit up the prom dance floor with a beautiful waltz, reminding this generation what true class and beauty looks like. Kick that horrible grinding and twerking (what on earth???) to the curb.

Judah’s date was Madison Hanford, who’s been a wonderful friend to both Judah and Victoria since middle school. I love her so much. My mother’s heart was so full looking at all four of them.

Since the theme was “A Royal Ball”, I knew I wanted the photos to reflect that.  Classy, elegant and royal…with a little sass and fun thrown in.

We went to the Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro, NC. The place was PACKED with prom goers, but the park is big enough to accommodate and I was determined to find spots that were gorgeous with no one else in the background. The gardens did not disappoint. The light was beautiful!

We were joined by the rest of the prom group before they headed out to dinner.  What a great group!

Now, prom is over. It’s full speed ahead to the end of the year, with awards ceremonies, exams, dance performances and graduation. (Victoria and Judah are both Junior Marshals for the graduation ceremony).

What remains is a beautiful memory….


Victoria’s Hair: Erin Doak
Victoria’s Make Up: Sheri Cox




Love to see Victoria and Judah so happy! Beautiful!

Solange Stamper

<3 <3 <3 BE-AU-TI-FUL!!! Such a pitty we don't have Proms here in Holland!!

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