Rachel | Class of 2018

Leesville Road High School

Angelic image of Raleigh, NC senior during session near Haw River







What a lovely session it was. We wouldn’t have dreamed of choosing another photographer.

The combination of your incredible talent along with your warm and kind heart made our experience unforgettable.

Thank you again for such amazing pictures. I will cherish them forever.



We had an amazing experience! From start to finish Marie was warm but very professional.

The photo session was so fun, and the reveal was equally so.

It was hard to choose pictures because they were all incredible!

~ Terri, Rachel’s Mom



Stephanie | Class of 2016

River Mill Academy







I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for all that you’ve done for me and my family. You have such a kind soul and giving heart; you without a doubt exemplify God through your work.

Your pictures have allowed me to see beauty in myself that I didn’t know existed.

Working with you is such a pleasure! Your bright personality and warm sense of humor can make anyone feel comfortable and at ease!

I cannot wait to see the pictures from this past shoot and will always remember how you’ve impacted my life in such a positive way. I pray that you and your family remain in God’s light and love and are abundantly blessed!


 Hannah | Class of 2015

Burlington Christian Academy





“As your children age, you look back over all your photos. If you are like me, you have thousands. Some are really good shots. Some not so good.

I do have one piece of advice from someone who is watching her baby of four getting ready to graduate:
Spend the money during their lives at milestones and get professional photos taken!

There are lots of photographers out there who have a camera and take good pictures at reasonable prices. However, very few have the gift of photography like Marie Janssen.
Many professional photographers over edit their photos so they no longer look natural.  Marie has the gift of taking very natural photos that are pretty much perfect as they are.  By getting to know the people she photographs, she brings out their natural beauty and their true personality. I can also speak to the fact that, having lost one child in his 20’s, I treasure all our photos of him but regret not having real professional photos taken of him.  School photos do not count!

So my advice:
Save your money and plan to spend the money at milestones and hire a pro!

Let Aunt Myrtle Jean take those day to day shots, but she can’t hold a candle to a real photographer and professional like Marie Janssen.”

~Peg Spurlin (Hannah’s Mom)

 Allison | Class of 2014

Southern Alamance High School











When deciding who to shoot my senior photos, Marie instantly came to mind.

She did an unbelievable job with not only highlighting my features, but also capturing my personality through my photos.

This is what my goal was, for people to catch a glimpse of the real me and she did that outstandingly. I truly admire every single one of my photos.
















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