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April 20, 2022

Marie thinking about seasons.

Life has many seasons. Learning to ebb and flow with the seasons we find ourselves in can sometimes be a challenge. Some seasons are wonderful, full of promise, dazzling us with their beauty. Other seasons are dark and cold, leaving us desperately hoping another season will soon come. Then there are seasons that are not necessarily good or bad…just different. We leave behind one season to step into another….and just like leaves must let go of the tree in the fall, we find ourselves letting go of what was in order to walk into what will be.

Letting Go

So, like that leaf, I am letting go of Blink of an Eye Photography. Seasons have changed. It’s not bad. It’s just different. I so enjoyed running my own business for over a decade. I met so many wonderful people, including many of you! I loved growing in my skills as I captured so many sweet families, memorable weddings, incredible dancers and gorgeous high school seniors.

I was a photographer before my business, and I’ll obviously still be one after. My grandkids are currently my favorite subjects! No surprise there! Haha! I hope to do some traveling with my best friend (my husband) in the not too distant future and my camera will be hanging out with us.

Be Present

I encourage you all to capture your own lives and not just with your camera. Capture them with your heart. Today’s society suffers from not being truly present. So many are looking at their phones, TV’s, computers….

and missing everything.

Even wanting to photograph your life can cause you to not be present in the moment. Sometimes, we have to focus…take a deep breath…and SEE. Choose to unplug sometimes. The soul connection is way more important than the WiFi connection.

Thank you

So, in closing, thank you for trusting me. Thank you for letting me into your lives. Thank you for being part of one of my lifelong dreams…being a professional photographer!

Thank you.

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