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City Vibes in Graham

November 8, 2016

Senior pose in downtown, making use of traffic lights and a cop car. She rocked it.

Amelia chose to have her senior session in Graham. When I met her, I was instantly drawn to her spunky and fun personality. She has a sweet smile and a cute laugh. She thinks of herself as “awkward” but I find her nothing other than adorable. As we planned her session during her pre-consultation, she said she wanted a city vibe. She didn’t want to go all the way to Greensboro so I suggested Graham. I had tons of ideas swirling through my head.

She admitted she’s directionally challenged, so we agreed on an easy central spot to meet.

Cue: Unexpected Adventure

The day of the session arrived. As I drove off the highway and approached the Graham courthouse on Main St, I suddenly noticed a firetruck blocking the road. I wondered if there’d been an accident of some sort. Then, I saw the balloons…and the trick or treaters. Oh. No. It was the first annual Trunk or Treat in downtown Graham! I had no idea!! All my plans started going up in smoke. Would Amelia be able to find her way with all the diverted traffic? Would we find parking? And would she be OK posing with hundreds of people milling around? She wanted a city vibe. Be careful what you wish for!

Thankfully, we both found a good place to park and she was able to navigate her way to me! She was upbeat and completely ready to rock her session, crowds or no crowds. Keep in mind, as you scroll through her absolutely breathtaking photos, that we were surrounded by people everywhere. The longer we were there and the darker it became, the busier it was! It only made the session more fun, more challenging and more exciting!

And, “awkward”?? No. This beautiful young lady fell into her poses naturally, with grace and style. I adore her hipster vibe and how her personality shines through every photo. We had such a fun time together….dashing into back alleys to change in my pop up changing room, weaving through the crowds, and staking out the perfect spots amidst the madness.

Amelia, I am so happy you chose me as your senior photographer! I will never forget you or this session! You are charming, bright, witty, beautiful and seen.

Graham, NC Senior Girl PoseSenior Girl at Graham, NC courthouse.Beautiful afternoon light frames senior in Graham, NC.Graham, NC Senior pose in downtown Graham.Gorgeous black and white senior portrait.Young lady laughs for senior portrait in Graham, NC.Beautiful brick and ivy create gorgeous backdrop for this Graham, NC senior portrait.Hipster vibe for senior portraits in Graham, NC.Beautiful alley light in downtown Graham.Hipsterific senior in Graham, NC.


OK, this is hilarious. I knew I wanted to use this blue wall but as we walked toward the spot, I saw a line of booths in front of it. NOOO!! Thankfully, there was a gap between two of the booths right where I wanted to photograph Amelia.
You would never know it, but I was right between those two booths.
One of the booths was a game where kids were throwing rubber fish through a hole. As I was posing Amelia and photographing, rubber fish were landing next to me or right in front of Amelia.
Click, splat! Click, splat! Splat, splat!
You can’t make this stuff up!

Fun blue wall creates pop for this hipster outfit.Awesome black and white senior portrait showcasing hipster style.Perfect jump pose!Downtown hipster vibes for this senior portrait.


Amelia really wanted city lights in her portraits.
My original plan to stake out a spot by the courthouse roundabout was destroyed as the roads were blocked. No traffic.
Time to get creative…
So, I found a spot on the corner of Main and Harden, making use of the cop car lights and oncoming traffic!
Every time the traffic lights would change, we’d have to wait as dozens of people crossed between us heading to downtown.
As soon as the lights would change again, we’d grab more shots until the next deluge of people.
Amelia, you nailed it.

City lights in downtown Graham.Stunning senior portrait showcasing the lights of the city in Graham, NC.Senior girl rocks city lights during trunk or treat in Graham, NC.Love this city feel in a small town.Senior pose in downtown, making use of traffic lights and a cop car. She rocked it.



Stunning twilight senior portrait showcasing downtown Graham.Black and white senior portrait with an urban feel.Texture and the golden hour light produced this beautifully soft, yet edge senior portrait.


Absolutely Stunning!!! I’m a life long friend of Amelia’s Mom, who’d sent me a couple of these already. These senior pictures are beautiful! You captured her personality perfectly even through all of the chaos. I cried more looking at these than I did my own child’s senior pictures! Great work Marie Janssen!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words!

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