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Senior Tennis Session: Sebastian

May 8, 2014

Meet Sebastian Zuhr, star tennis player of The Burlington School.

Triad Athletic Conference-Player of the year in tennis!

Signed with Lees-McCrae to continue his tennis career in college. Active in National Honor Society, Dream Team, and volunteering with the Lion’s Club. 

Naturally, Sebastian wanted his senior session to take place on the tennis courts of Alamance Country Club….his home turf. These courts have witnessed Sebastian’s hours of practice, hard work, sweat, losses and victories.  

This is what I mean about telling your story well. Sebastian will be able to look back on these photos and say, “This is who I was as a senior. This is what I did.” His kids will see it. His grandkids. I encourage all seniors to think about their passions…and a way to bring that to life in their sessions.

It was awesome to photograph Sebastian in action as the machine spit balls at him.  And his passion was evident. Forget the fact that this was just a photo op. He went at it as if he were battling for a championship title! That speaks volumes of his character.

I so enjoyed interacting with him…his laid back personality (well, laid back if he’s not on the courts duking it out), friendly smile and charm shine through his photographs.

I love his whole family and it was such an honor to document this time as Sebastian approaches new horizons and opportunities.



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