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Snow Portrait

March 2, 2015

After a few light dustings, which don’t really count, we finally had a real snow storm! You know, the kind of snow that piles up, looking like mounds of whipped cream. Fluffy, beautiful, glorious snow! I know our friends up north must roll their eyes at my excitement, but good snow in the south is rare.  Of course, with the snow came the desire to photograph some lovely snow portraits of my oldest daughter before she boarded her jet plane to Europe for a 3 month stay. (Sniff. She’s in Ireland visiting friends as I type and loving every minute of it. I’m so happy for her but, gosh, we miss her already!)

So, this was our last photo gig together for a while. I’ve been so spoiled having such a gorgeous and talented model as my daughter. These photos really depict her European flair… I can already see her strolling the streets of Paris. Yes, she will visit Paris during her European stay. Sigh. I know. I’m jealous too. But, she deserves every bit of it. She worked hard to be able to return to her first home. Living in the States was not easy for her. She missed her friends and family in Holland…missed the lifestyle. Now, after almost 9 years away, she’s back. Back where her heart has longed to be. She left a child and has returned a woman. I can’t wait to hear how she views it all through the eyes of adulthood. And, trust me, when she returns, photos will be posted. She’s an amazing photographer in her own right and has camera in hand. So proud of her!


Martha Bilisoly Beck


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