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Taylor in Graham

June 8, 2018

Graham, NC Senior Portraits

Taylor took over small town Graham. If you know Taylor, you know what I mean.

The first time I met Taylor, she was just a young girl. However, that young girl already had a huge personality. Now, she’s a young woman full of fierce determination, ambitions, leadership and that same huge personality.

She always makes me laugh with her quick wit and self deprecating humor. But, I also wanted to showcase her softer side, her seriousness and her beauty.

That is always my hope; to capture more than the first impression, more than the surface layer. We are all so complex. Every single one of us. We are composed of layers and only those who take time to dig truly discover the depths of who we are.

I want to be a digger. Even if I only get a small window of time with each senior, I am digging quietly. Why? Because we are all living stories longing to be told and to be heard.

My lens is giving voice to a part of your story, showing sides of yourself you often didn’t even realize you had.

I see you.  I look through the camera and I see.

I see your hopes. I see your dreams. I sometimes see your wounds. I see beauty. I see insecurity.

I see destiny.


Downtown Graham, NC senior portrait.


Urban senior portrait against blue wall in downtown Graham, NC.Black and white portrait using window reflection.Fierce senior portrait in front of Graham, NC courthouse.

Senior street pose in Graham, NC.

Moody senior portrait showcasing courthouse in Graham, NC


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