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Time for Reflection

December 13, 2017

Love this senior's bright smile with a sunset reflection in the pond.

The end of a year always always brings with it reflection on the year(s) past. At least, it should. It seems lately the month of December drowns me in activity and it’s all I can do to just survive, much less reflect.

So, I carve out time. I must. Time to be still.

I’m carving out space right now. In between photographing Nutcracker rehearsals with Burlington Dance, I find myself at The Blend, sipping coffee and enjoying a smoothie bowl. A little down time. A little me time. A little time away from all the distractions at home. There’s always something that needs doing. Photos need editing. house needs cleaning, Christmas cookies need baking, and dinner needs cooking. And me? I “needs” a maid. Any volunteers? Haha!

Peronsal Reflection

Seriously, though, I feel so blessed. This year has been eventful, to say the least. My youngest had two surgeries, both of which were, thankfully, successful. My oldest became engaged to the love of  her life! I went to Holland for my niece’s wedding! It’s always wonderful when I’m able to be back in my second homeland, surrounded by my in laws and our wonderful friends. My husband was able to travel to Holland twice, once for work and once to be with his mom as she underwent surgery to remove a growth from her kidney. She is doing well, and has been declared cancer free. We are so, so grateful to God for this.

Business Reflection

Regarding my business, I was feeling discouraged and low but then ended up booking some of the most amazing seniors this year! Each session was so much fun and I loved the connection I felt with each individual client. I don’t want to just photograph people. I want to get to know them; figure out a bit of what makes them tick. It was fun to get creative, drawing out the beauty and personality in each young lady. I know this is what I want to keep doing. I want to deliver quality service, beautiful art and an unforgettable experience. I want to give a piece of myself in the process…encouraging the young souls who stand in front of my lens. May they walk away feeling more confident, more valued and more loved. May they glimpse the love of God for them…the destiny He has placed on each life.  Destiny. So many young people are so lost and confused now. They don’t understand they ALL have a calling. They all have a purpose. Their lives have meaning. 


One of the lovely young women I had the pleasure to work with this past fall was Alyssa. I photographed her brother, Brandon, a few years ago. Talk about reflection! How is it even possible young Alyssa is now a senior?! We went to the popular location of Glencoe Mill Village. Alyssa is an avid soccer player and full of personality. She accessed her inner model during our shoot! And I had to access my portable step stool. (#shortgirlprobs)

Senior poses in front of rusted door in Burlington, NC.

Love the colors and posing in this Burlington, NC senior portrait.Beautiful senior portrait with textured door as backdrop.Pretty light and colors in this industrial senior photo. Beautiful contemplative senior portrait taken in Burlington, NC.Girl next door turned model.Beautiful fall backdrop for this senior session at Glencoe Mill Village.Beautiful sunset black and white portrait near the Haw River.Reflection portrait near the Haw River. Lovely lighting and reflection in this portrait taken by a pond. Love this senior's bright smile with a sunset reflection in the pond.Senior girl stuns in black and white portrait with a pond reflected in the background.Beautiful golden lighting in these fall portraits near the Haw River. Love the movement created in these senior photos in Burlington, NC.



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