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Twenty Years Blessed

September 24, 2014

Twenty years ago.

(Breathe. Just breathe. It’s really been twenty years.)

Twenty years of life, love, joy, sadness, laughter, tears, fights, love, valleys, peaks, love, trials, triumphs and love.

“The greatest of these is love.” I Cor. 13:13

Twenty years ago, I walked down the aisle…my heart racing, face pale. I knew I wasn’t only pledging my life to this man, but also to his country. I was leaving behind my life…my family and friends…to embrace a new life and a new home. My heart trembled indeed but I knew I belonged by his side. I knew God had chosen this man for me…this wonderfully patient man..godly walk this life with.

Twenty years later, I do not doubt. There are no “what if’s”. There is love. Deep love. Love with roots. You know, the kind of roots that allow trees to stand strong in the storm. Some of those roots were tested and grew only stronger still. Yeah. Love with roots. Love that doesn’t pack its bags and leave. Love that says, “I choose you. No matter what, I choose you.” Love that continues to grow…not just in friendship but in romance, as well.

The love I felt at that altar pales in comparison to the love present in my heart twenty years later. Isn’t it sad so many couples will never know that kind of love because they quit before they can ever get there?

I’m trying. Trying to find words today and feel I fall terribly short.

How do you truly describe twenty years? Truly. So much experienced…so much life lived…so much heart shared.

I know this. Anton is…

My Lover
My Partner
My Heart
My Friend.

He is the godly father to our three beautiful children and has consistently showed the heart of THE FATHER.

A man of integrity…a hard worker…a lover of the downtrodden and destitute. A man who seeks to do God’s will in all things. A man who has sacrificed so much over and over again for the good of those he loves.

A MAN. A real MAN.

And, I am blessed. Blessed to be able to place my hand in his. Blessed to know my heart is held in those same hands. Blessed to live every day by his side.

He is a man of whom I am proud to say, “This is my husband.”



Congratulacions Marie and Anton! From Queren and Marco

Congratulacions Marie and Anton! From Queren and Marco

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