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Urban Vibe in a Small Town

July 17, 2018

It doesn't get more urban than posing in front of the freshly painted Coca-Cola mural in Mebane, NC.

Picking an Urban Location

When helping seniors choose their perfect location, I ask them whether they are more drawn to urban settings or country landscapes. Living in a smaller city, some may think “urban” applies to larger places, i.e. New York. However, small towns/cities often offer up some of the best urban backdrops without the busyness of a larger city.

When looking through Instagram or Pinterest, take note of the types of photos you are drawn to. This will help you narrow down your style, the right location for said style, and your outfits. Let these photos be an inspiration for your own session but don’t attempt to copy them. You want to infuse your own personality into the session!

Choosing The Perfect Date

For some awesome urban backdrops, Mebane, NC is one of my favorite places for a senior session. Remember Camdyn? Her first session was in the country but for her second session, she wanted the feel of the city with Christmas lights twinkling in the background.  When planning your session date, you may also want to plan for November/December! The temperature is usually mild and pleasant. You will also benefit from all the extra lights and decorations for Christmas.

Camdyn Part II

Camdyn’s urban session took place during a mild December afternoon. This beautiful young lady brought a touch of class to the streets of Mebane.

Working with her is always a pleasure and I value the friendship forged in the process.

Fun urban senior session in Mebane, NC.Gorgeous close up of senior girl in Mebane, NC senior session. Posing on metal stairway in Mebane, NC.Lovely lighting in alleyway of urban downtown, Mebane, NC. Alleyway shots of Mebane, NC senior. On the terrace of local coffee shop in downtown Mebane, NC.Cool twinkle lights provide backdrop for urban senior session in Mebane, Nc.

Filament Coffee + Tea

The following photos were taken in one of Camdyn’s favorite coffee shops, Filament Coffee + Tea! (I love this place too!) The beautiful Chrismas decor provided a gorgeous backdrop. Note that just because it’s Christmas, no one would necessarily know this by looking at the photo. I use the lights creatively without being seasonal. If you want a few Christmasy shots, I will naturally photograph include those as well.

Fun shot in Filament Coffee & Tea located in downtown Mebane, NC. Lit Christmas tree provided lovely backdrop for this senior at the Filament Coffee and Tea shop in Mebane, NC. This senior wanted to incorporate her love of coffee with these fun photos take in Filament Coffee and Tea in downtown Mebane, NC. The urban decor in Filament Coffee and Tea provided a lovely urban backdrop for this beautiful high school senior. It doesn't get more urban than posing in front of the freshly painted Coca-Cola mural in Mebane, NC. Wintry decor adds beautiful pops of light in the background of this senior session in Mebane, NC. Gorgeous black and white photo with twinkle lights in Mebane, NC. Senior makes use of awesome urban mural in downtown Mebane, NC. Hats are the perfect accessory as seen in this stunning photo in downtown Mebane, NC. How fun is this? Senior pose in downtown Mebane, NC. Mebane, NC is a small town but its downtown offers beautiful urban backdrops. An urban senior session in downtown Mebane, NC. Love the urban vibe of this downtown Mebane, NC. The metal stairs and alleyway are amazing!




What a beautiful young lady. Really gorgeous images as well. The different locations are great!

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