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What kind of session are you?

March 2, 2020

Urban vibe for this senior portrait taken at historic Glencoe Mill Village. (Photos taken with permission from property owner).

It’s March! Spring is not far away. As the seasons change, I often ask seniors, “What kind of session are you?” In other words, what season are you? Do you love Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer? Knowing this will help you decide the best time to book your senior portraits.

For some of you, fall fashion is EVERYTHING! You love the layers: scarves, sweaters, hats, boots and all things cozy. The colorful leaves on the trees make your heart sing and you enjoy bonfires, long walks in the woods and hot drinks.

Though not many fall in this camp, some of you love winter! You enjoy all the things I noted above plus a good snowfall, twinkle lights and no humidity, bugs or allergies. While I don’t seem able to convince many of you, winter is such an awesome time to have a session. Besides the advantages already mentioned, the light is so pretty and many locations are not busy.

After fall, my absolute fave, spring comes a close second….early spring, that is, before our NC summer heat kicks spring to the curb much too quickly for my liking. Spring fashion may be your thing. Again, fun wide brimmed hats go well with soft, flowy dresses. Light layers and bright colors mixed with budding flowers and trees make for a soft, romantic session.

Summer can be fun depending on humidity and heat levels. A photo shoot is no bueno if you are drenched in sweat, eaten alive by mosquitos and feeling generally miserable. Hmmm…as you can see, I’m not a huge fan of the summer shoot in NC. It can be done, so if you’re a summer lover we will make it work with careful planning.

That said, as winter draws to a close and spring approaches, spots will be filling up for you spring session lovers! The earlier you book, the better. Don’t wait until the last minute as you will only get busier towards the end of the school year. You need time to order your graduation announcements and art work!

Logan was a fall season kind of girl! Here are some of her favorites from her session….

Stunning portrait taken in an arbor. The pop of red is everything!
Gorgeous dance portrait taken in the fall in Burlington, NC.
Cute senior portrait taken near the Haw River in NC.

How times and seasons are in concert! Spring is suggestive of morning, summer of noon, autumn of evening, and winter of night.

~Henry James Slack 
Haw River senior portrait.
Beautiful close up portrait taken with the Haw River as a backdrop.
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