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Winter Headshots

February 2, 2015

I met the lovely Dianne Garrett at Starbucks for a pre-consultation. She needed new headshots for her business and I was thrilled to be considered. Our chat ended up covering much more than photography. We spent an evening just connecting, laughing and enjoying one another. Dianne is so warm and engaging, time with her makes one feel uplifted. I couldn’t wait for her session.

Dianne teaches Business Communications at the Bryan School of Business, UNCG. She also gives private coaching in communications.  As with so many of us, time marched on and she found herself in need of updated photos for various ventures. We chose to hold the session at her home. Let me say, her home is not situated on acres of land. It’s in a neighborhood, with a small but nice yard. However, the shots we we were able to achieve speaks volumes about how the best spots are often right outside our door. Literally. It’s all about finding the light and the right composition.

We had so much fun during her session. The weather was downright balmy for January and the light!! It’s golden glow literally spilled through the trees and made me gasp. Dianne looked simply radiant in every photo.

This past week, after choosing her favorite photos during her ordering session,  she looked me in the eye and said, “You’ve given me a gift. Truly. This whole experience has been amazing.”

I think I’m the one who was given the gift.



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